Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And so it begins..........

Never in a million years did I think I would have a blog.....even the word BLOG sounds..... well.... kinda silly. Only when I realized that blogging was synonymous with reaching out, contacting, making friends, and keeping in touch did it make sense to me. I never thought it was wrong for others to blog and to provide me with my daily dose of news, entertainment or inspiration while I drank my coffee and got my bearings each morning, but I figured that since no one listens to me in person it would be a waste of my time and effort and besides, what if someone thought it was..... silly?
Well, guess what? Silly sounds good to me right now. On with the silliness, I say. there has been precious little of it around here lately and I think it's time we embraced it. I am determined to get my share.


  1. Being as we are heading into Elora (nearby) for our annual family camping trip in August, I thought I'd scout out some local bloggers and see what local digs I could find in the area.

    Hope to see more posts soon.

  2. All I can say, Trish, is you are an amazing doll/creature sculptor. And I should know you from one of the doll ning sites as I am in Cloth and Clay doll ning, and MAIDA doll ning, and Nancye's Art doll ning, and I took a workshop in the Moss Hill Studio doll ning and made JoAnnA's Bella Art Doll.
    I like being silly and I also have a whimsical spirit. It keeps me young!
    Teresa in California